Our Vision

We envision a world in which capital flows directly to the projects and organizations on the ground, where it will have the greatest impact for rainforests and the planet.

By creating a new system to efficiently channel resources to the ground, we can accelerate our path to a future with thriving forests that support abundant biodiversity and a stabilized climate.  

By facilitating a streamlined, collaborative conservation landscape—led by high-impact organizations, indigenous peoples, and local communities—we will unlock the full potential of abundant rainforests as a critical climate solution.

What stands between us and our vision?

The current pathway for climate funding is broken.

At the same time, the rainforest conservation space has been siloed, lacking strategic collaboration and holistic solutions.

Rainforest Collective can change this.

By building new infrastructure to disperse critical resources equitably and strategically, we will unleash thousands of certifiable and trustworthy projects with the highest and most efficient impact on the ground.

Our Solutions

Rainforest Collective creates new opportunities for cohesiveness, collaboration, coordination, and unity in the rainforest conservation space.

Our innovative funding system will power small-scale, local, high-impact conservation and development projects across the globe on unprecedented scales, changing the game for rainforest conservation and unleashing its full potential as an immensely critical climate solution.

Our Path Towards Achieving a
Zero Deforestation World

Build new innovative funding mechanisms to channel resources to high-impact conservation and sustainable development on the ground
Convene the world’s best experts, organizations, and leaders in forest protection for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and collective actions
Follow, center, and prioritize indigenous expertise and leadership
Collectively advocate for a deforestation-free world as a diverse, broad, and united collective voice
Our solutions are both bottom-up and top-down keeping forests standing and removing drivers of deforestation at the same time.